A Bill to End

Male Genital Mutilation

in the U.S.

Sample Letter 7 - 

AIDS Perspective

Sample Letter 6 - 

Jewish Perspective

Sample Letter 5 - 

Physician's Perspective

Sample Letter 4 - 

Activist's Perspective

Sample Letter 3 - 

Parent's Perspective

Sample Letter 2 - 

Victim's Perspective

Sample Letter 1 - 


Writing a letter from scratch to your members of Congress or State Legislature can sometimes be a daunting task. To help you get started, we've created some sample letters that you can download to your computer. Each sample letter is provided in Microsoft Word for Windows format to allow for easy editing.

You may use the letters just as they are (by inserting only your contact information and the names and addresses of your legislators) or you can modify them (by keeping the parts you like and replacing the rest with your own words).

When you're done, email your letters along with a copy of the corresponding federal or state bill proposal for reference.

Sample Letters