A Bill to End

Male Genital Mutilation

in the U.S.

Consider becoming an MGMbill.org state office.

‚ÄčEmail the reply letters from your elected leaders to us so we can post them to the Government Responses page along with a response of our own. It is important that we hold our government leaders publicly accountable for the actions they take while in office, and you can help do that by letting the world know what your elected officials are telling you.

Write similar letters of support to your local state legislators and governor, (again, feel free to use our sample letters, and include your specific state MGM Bill proposal (or a link to it) with each letter).

Write your local House and Senate congressional members along with President Obama and ask them to sponsor the MGM Bill proposal (feel free to use or modify one of our sample letters to help get you started). Be sure to enclose a copy of the MGM Bill proposal (or a link to it) with each letter for reference.

On January 11 - 13, 2014, MGMbill.org resubmitted the Male Genital Mutilation Bill proposal to every member of the 113th Congress for consideration. Our state offices also submitted state level MGM Bill proposals to every member of ten U.S. state legislatures. The goal of this effort is to encourage lawmakers to step forward and sponsor one or more of these bills.

If you support the MGM Bill proposals on this site, you can help improve their chances of becoming law by taking these 4 steps:

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